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Press December 27, 2013 Minnesota Flexible Corporation Purchases Wisconsin’s General Rubber Company – CLICK TO READ


Careers MFC offers a dynamic, professional work environment geared toward people who are motivated to serve customers and work with their teammates to improve internal processes. If you have a friendly, energetic personality and want to find a place where (Read More)


EXHAUST PRODUCTS Overview MFC markets custom exhaust connectors for a variety of industries including: construction, agriculture, power generation, and refrigeration. Our team of experts works closely with our customers to design and build products that are tailored for each specific (Read More)


FITTINGS Overview MFC stocks an extensive selection of fittings and adapters. If we don’t have a standard product that works for your application, MFC can design and build a custom product that will.


MOLDED PRODUCTS Formed Tubing When fabricating these products, heat is introduced to the raw tubing allowing it to be formed for a specific configuration. These products work well for applications that require tight bend radii. Plastisol Plastisol products are manufactured (Read More)

flexible duct

FLEXIBLE DUCT Plastic Duct These products work well for the collection of wood shavings, chips, powders, debris, leaves, and sawdust. Fabric Duct Commonly used for the transfer of air, these products are often used in the airline industry as well (Read More)


RUBBER HOSE Custom Hose Assemblies MFC manufactures a variety of low and high pressure assemblies used in many different markets. Overview Developing the right product for a customer’s application is a job we take seriously. Our company works closely with (Read More)