Value Added

MFC can provide a variety of value added services that complement our exceptional products.

Bin / Rack Fill Programs
  • To eliminate the cost of handling hose assemblies, MFC keeps production racks and bins full of products.
MFC Managed Inventory
  • MFC can eliminate the carrying cost of expensive hose and fitting inventory by managing it for our clients. Each program is customized to maximize the cost benefit.
Field Engineering Services
  • Let the experts at MFC help in the selection and routing for our products. Our staff can help eliminate hose, tubing, and fitting costs while improving the longevity of our products.
Assembly Testing and Certification
  • MFC has complete testing and certification equipment. From burst and proof pressure testing to gauging the accuracy of fitting threads, MFC assures that our products will meet your specifications.
Custom Hose Kitting
  • Reduce the complexity of purchasing our products by having MFC construct custom hose kits. Assemblies can be kitted and labeled for easy identification while reducing the number of part numbers that need to be managed.