We are committed to working with our customers on designing the right products for their applications, producing products that meet their quality expectations, and servicing them throughout the process. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to prove that our experience does make a difference.


MFC utilizes industry leading crimping equipment to assure all assemblies are crimped accurately and efficiently. Our large bore crimping equipment allows us to crimp assemblies up to 6” inside diameter. Additionally, MFC utilizes open throat crimping equipment to fabricate hose and hybrid assemblies in just about any configuration.


MFC’s staff of professionals are trained to manufacture most hose, tube, and hybrid assemblies. We use high speed cutting and crimping equipment to assure efficiency in all our work cells. From simple hydraulic hose assemblies to complicated heated hose bundles, MFC assembles products that meet our customer’s stringent requirements.

Tube Bending

Our industry leading CNC tube bending equipment assures that our products are produced accurately and efficiently. We can bend both round and square tubing in a variety of sizes and alloys. Our formed tube products are often combined with a section of flexible hose to make hybrid assemblies.

Welding / Brazing

MFC’s team of professional welders can fabricate most metal connections utilizing MIG welding, TIG welding, or induction brazing. We utilize work instructions and a 100% inspection process to assure all assemblies are manufactured leak free.


MFC partners with both domestic and international suppliers in order to offer our customers the highest quality, most cost competitive products available. Our Procurement Department has developed a strong supply base by working with each partner in developing their quality systems, improving efficiencies, and streamlining communication channels.


Our impressive line-up of testing equipment validates that our products are consistently manufactured to our customer’s expectations. Used for both new product development and final inspection, MFC can pressure/burst test up to 40,000 PSI, helium test, vacuum test, and dimensional test in three planes.